Data Guidelines & Upload

View all file formats we accept, check out our guidelines for text files, and securely upload your data to our SFTP server.


    • DBF File
    • Text File
    • Tab-Delimited (.txt) and Comma-Delimited (.csv)
    • Please include a file layout, or make the header the first record.
    • Fixed Field (.txt)
    • Please include a record layout with field lengths.
    • Excel (.xls)
    • Please make sure there is no text-wrapping within fields.
  • Email your contact as a follow up once your file upload shows as successful.


  • Use apostrophes (') in your filename.
  • Include text-wrapping or hard returns within your excel fields.

Did you know:  if you have multiple files you could zip them all together for one upload.

Not sure how to format your list or having issues? Contact us at [email protected] or email your contact directly.

Upload Data Files

Quickly and securely upload your data to our SFTP server using the form below. Your DCG ONE rep will follow up with you to confirm receipt.

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